Your core business is the energy of the future

Your core business is the energy of the future

It could hardly be a better starting point for hydrogen manufacturers. Europe’s climate policy is focused on hydrogen as one of the central energy sources of the future. The promising molecule is considered key to the success of the energy transition. Because hydrogen meets the requirements for technologies offering a largely CO2-free energy supply. Hydrogen has both the potential and the ability to permanently change the energy sector.

Hydrogen will be used as a key technology for green electricity in central areas of society – as an energy source or for material use in industry, mobility and the building sector, such as in heating and air-conditioning technology. It can be used as a storage medium in smart sector coupling, thereby further driving the integration and use of renewable energies to decarbonise all energy-intensive sectors.

Hydrogen producers are faced with new opportunities, but also new challenges! Issues of scaling and optimising production processes, legitimate safety concepts for producing and storing large quantities of hydrogen, and building new sales channels or developing new sales markets are difficult to address comprehensively without the support of a wide network of specialists.

The direction is clear: expansion

To achieve the ambitious targets of decarbonising high-emission sectors, the German federal government alone, as part of its National Hydrogen Strategy in June 2020, resolved to provide several billion Euros’ worth of funding for research, development and manufacturing. And it’s a similar story in other European countries, with incentives in place to invest in the new technologies.

If you and your company operate in the future-oriented field of the hydrogen economy, or are considering entering it, HydroHub can be on hand to assist you as a reliable partner with excellent, 360° expertise from various companies of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

A growing field of research

Researchers are working on different methods of generating hydrogen. A colour theme has been developed here, referencing production processes and the associated greenhouse-gas volumes. Green hydrogen is the lowest in CO2, but is currently also the most expensive option. Looking at the production of ‘turquoise’ hydrogen, for example, we see that it provides long-term opportunities for a positive climate balance. Here methane is utilised from livestock farming or the atmosphere to generate hydrogen.

Photocatalytic water splitting and photo-biological hydrogen production using bioreactors is another broad field of research. All branches of research are working towards the goal of increasing process profitability to support practical usage.

HydroHub assists companies with market-oriented research, feasibility studies and concepts, as well as consulting, engineering and training to facilitate successful business development with optimum safety – for any form of hydrogen production.

Hundreds of specialised services for hydrogen technologies

We are aware that, during the ramp-up phase of the market, hydrogen is still produced in grey, blue, turquoise or green form. Despite the differences in processes, there is one thing they all have in common: every hydrogen technology needs to be safe!

Identifying, assessing and handling technical hazard sources and risks have been central tasks of the TÜV NORD GROUP for over 150 years. We have developed in-depth skills in all areas of industry, and now offer hundreds of specialised services, particularly for the hydrogen industry. Our offering ranges from technical, legal and financial due diligence to functional tests of the tiniest of system components. From requirements specifications and customer specifications to concepts for start-up and assembly.

Wherever hydrogen can be produced and integrated into the industrial value chain, our services are already helping protect against risks and optimise the energy process chain: for hybrid supply, networking, distribution and storage, as well as for electric re-conversion. They will assist you from your initial project idea to logically thought-out cyclical solutions for dismantling and disposal concepts.

Optimum use of the available technologies, and a gradual switch to green hydrogen, is the declared goal right across Europe, and simultaneously the driving force behind HydroHub’s maximum involvement and flawless consulting.

Let’s work together to discover what’s possible. Contact us and briefly outline your project. We’ll assemble a team of experts for you.