Hydrogen Investments: a fast growing and secure economy

Hydrogen Investments: a fast growing and secure economy

Hydrogen investments are sustainable investments in the future. Because the EU has committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2050. As an interim step, Europe’s CO2 emissions are to be reduced by at least 55% of their 1990 levels by 2030. The German federal government has consequently intensified Germany’s climate-action targets. Large-scale funding programmes from both the EU and the European states themselves have unlocked tremendous investment opportunities for technologies capable of advancing the decarbonisation of economies, particularly in energy-intensive sectors. In June 2020, the German federal government alone resolved to provide nine billion Euros’ worth of funding for research, development and manufacturing. And it’s a similar story in other European countries. So incentives are in place for new hydrogen investments.

Hydrogen investments in sustainable technologies to prevent CO2 (carbon offset) are reaching record values, and investors are increasingly assessing projects in terms of sustainability criteria. Among the preferred areas are hydrogen technologies for production, transportation, storage, distribution and application – not least as part of sector coupling.

Opportunities in the development of hydrogen infrastructure

The globally increasing sustainability requirements for investments and companies could even see market shares distributed in terms of quality of hydrogen infrastructure. These technologies are set to boom imminently. And the tremendous funding programmes initiated by the EU and German federal government are driving this development.

But it is still unclear how well certain technologies rate in the competition for efficiency, reliability and cost trends. The time frames for usage and availability are also still fluid. It is anticipated that not every concept trialled today will be able to be implemented profitably, and not every project will yield strong returns.

HydroHub is on hand to assist with preparing solid decisions and hydrogen investments for the future in relation to the hydrogen economy – both with the financial and with the technical know-how of the TÜV NORD GROUP’s 70 globally active companies.

The coming years will be about setting up the infrastructure for the hydrogen run-up. Because, according to the latest study by Aurora Energy Research based on policymaker input, the trade volume for hydrogen will increase to around 120 billion Euros a year Europe-wide by 2050. The forecast assumes that the H₂ market will grow to 2500 TWh with a volume of 327 TWh, roughly corresponding to Europe’s current total power generation –  as a result, hydrogen investments are increasingly coming into the focus of investors.

Hundreds of highly specialised services

When it comes to assessing developments of importance to the profitability of established and new hydrogen technologies, HydroHub provides access to the excellent 360° expertise and consulting, engineering and training services of the TÜV NORD GROUP companies.

We identify correlations, are familiar with the procedures for funding grants, advise all market players and institutions along the value chain, and thus also keep track of future development opportunities and risks. We are able to assess market sectors and draw well-founded conclusions for hydrogen investments with appropriate competence and independence.

Identifying, assessing and handling technical hazard sources and risks have been central tasks of the TÜV NORD GROUP for over 150 years. We have developed in-depth skills in all areas of industry, and now offer hundreds of specialised services, particularly for the hydrogen industry. Our services are already helping protect against risks and optimise process chains wherever hydrogen can be produced and integrated into the industrial value chain.

Optimal use of the available technologies and a gradual switch to green hydrogen is the declared aim Europe-wide, and this is also what drives us to practically engage in all relevant fields of the hydrogen economy. HydroHub helps companies maximise their business development with solid hydrogen investments.

We understand the importance of fundamental parameters when it comes to making decisions about investing in new technologies. Contact us, and we’ll assemble a team of experts for your hydrogen investment project.

Hydrogen investments: HydroHub expertise for informed decision-making

Innovations are always accompanied by different attitudes – this is also true with regard to hydrogen investments: One part of the investors is euphoric and sees the opportunities, another part acts sceptically and cautiously. This is just one example of the different emotional impulses and attitudes that can arise among investors. Moreover, on many topics – including hydrogen investments - even the experts disagree on whether an innovative technology can make the breakthrough or whether this technology will fail. In view of this situation, it is hardly surprising that hydrogen hype has already burst twice on the stock market: once around the turn of the millennium and again in 2020 and 2021.

In view of the less successful history of hydrogen, a hydrogen investment might seem dubious to you. However, you should not let this irritate you – until now, many investors have overlooked the lack of application areas and the still insufficient state of development of hydrogen technology in their hydrogen investments. Now, however, the time is right for all those who want to make a hydrogen investment: Germany, after decades of research and now due to the pressure of climate change and politics, has reached the point where a timely, cost-effective usability of hydrogen is on the horizon.

Despite the favourable signs, not all hydrogen investments will be crowned with success. In order to identify exactly those hydrogen investments among the many possible investments that offer a high degree of security and at the same time the highest possible return potential, investors are dependent on an expert at their side – we, HydroHub, fulfil this role with professional competence and a high level of commitment.

As part of the TÜV NORD GROUP, we have over 150 years of expertise and professional experience in dealing with hydrogen manufacturers and hydrogen investors, grid operators and municipalities, as well as numerous other players in this industry. We are deeply rooted in all branches of the industry and have competent engineers who take even highly complex technical aspects into account when deciding on the right hydrogen investments. Due to the daily confrontation with the legal aspects of hydrogen technologies and hydrogen investments, HydroHub is even able to make expert legal judgements on hydrogen investments.

Investing in hydrogen is possible with the HydroHub under multi-factorial considerations and is therefore safer than with any other service provider. Contact us for your hydrogen investments to gain the highest return and make a safe investment.