HydroHub – Competence for the hydrogen economy run-up

HydroHub – Competence for the hydrogen economy run-up

The ramp-up for safe, reliable, affordable hydrogen-based energy supply has begun. As an energy storage, the molecule of the future can synchronise unsteady production from renewable sources with actual demand. Which is why hydrogen technology is considered key to the success of the energy transition policy (In Germany referred to as Energiewende). Also, hydrogen can be transported over long distances, facilitating imports of green energy. The focus now is on setting up high-performing energy infrastructure systems for green electricity needs in industry, mobility and the building sector.

HydroHub analyses demand, identifies economic and technical potential, and converts requirements into precise projects along the hydrogen value chain. With a practical, hands-on customer focus, the expert teams from TÜV NORD GROUP companies plan and carry out projects for smart sector coupling, storage systems and location developments, as well as hydrogen import strategies and many more.

HydroHub provides guidance in this unique range of services, perfectly matching them with specialised units within the TÜV NORD GROUP.

Wait and see is no strategy! EU climate protection goals, savings targets set by the German federal government, and increasing sustainability requirements are prompting a swift transition of energy systems. Market shares in the new hydrogen industry are being allocated right now.

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Covered completely – the value chain


Hydrogen projects should be sustainable, safe, profitable and reliable. The requirements are strict. We are aware of the challenges, and provide advice on using the right H2 technology – for green, blue, turquoise and green hydrogen.
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Grid and storage-facility operators

Hydrogen demands a lot from grid operators. Especially flexibility, when it comes to storage systems. As a leading technology consultant, we offer comprehensive expertise in efficient conversion strategies, route engineering and optimisation of grid operations.
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Industrial users

On its path towards a largely climate-neutral production, industry is using hydrogen as a material substitute and energy source. We offer our 150 years’ worth of know-how as an industrial service provider to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and product quality during this transformation.
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Hydrogen and fuel-cell technology are increasingly gaining momentum. We assist with developing power units, transportation and fuelling systems to bring this new energy safely on the road. As the first ever mobility service provider, we have been in operation for decades.
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The public sector

Germany’s federal, state and municipal governments are responsible for implementing the national hydrogen strategy. In order for site strategies and sustainability concepts to work for citizens, policymakers need to rely on external expertise. That’s precisely our business, and we are on hand to assist as a partner.
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Investors are increasingly assessing companies and projects based on sustainability criteria. Hence, hydrogen technology is gaining importance. With our expertise in financial engineering and due diligence, we provide decision-making aids to increase your prospects of success.
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